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Måndag: STÄNGT
Tisdag -Torsdag:17:00-20:00
Fredag: 17:00-21:00
Lördag: 12:00-21:00
Söndag: 12:00-17:00

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Måndag-Söndag öppet från 12:00
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Saltö, Utövägen 1 Karta

Tel. (öppetider): 0455-333311
Tel. (alla tider): 0768-868457

Pris 10kr/spelomgång

Våra biljardbord

Våra biljardbord är av märket SAM och är av hög kvalitè.

märke sam

Våra bord är 8 fot, väger 360 kg och har en 25 mm skifferskiva.


American Pool is the universal game played the world over. Big 57mm balls and big pockets make this a potting game. The Professional circuit carries big prize money but essentially it is a fun game accessible to all. American pool tables use a fast, nylon blend cloth and the ball to pocket ratio makes blocking difficult. SAM Pool tables feature totally aluminium extruded top frames. All top frame components are bolted metal to metal reducing movement and wear, and the frame fits more accurately to the cabinet. The real genius of the ProActive system is in the cushion fit. Cushions are profiled to match the aluminium top and secured by a full length plate. Standard 10mm bolts fit snugly into the extrusion and give consistent cushion response along the whole length. The simple fitting routine needs no special tools. The cushion can never be fitted at the wrong height dispensing with the need for metal cushion strips that are unsightly and disturb the players’ bridging action. The top frame is clamped to the slate creating a contiguous playing surface that can be levelled as one unit for super accuracy. Top players have likened the ball response achieved to that of a steel block snooker table. ProActive cushions provide the most accurate and consistent cushion response ever achieved on any single piece slate pool table and will delight seasoned players of UK 8 ball and 9 ball American pool devotees. Ply cabinet Plywood construction gives SAM tables great strength and durability, without excess weight. Less susceptible to damp conditions, easier to repair when damaged and harder wearing at joints and fixings that the more commonly used MDF. Easy level SAM tables are a piece of cake to level with just a 13mm open ended spanner. No lifting of the table required at all so no help required and greater accuracy can be achieved with your spirit level. Slate bed There is no substitute for slate when it comes to a level playing field. A natural material hewn from the great mountain ranges of the world, diamond honed to perfection by SAM, stored and prepared in just the right environment to ensure perfect level when installed. What’s included? SAM tables are priced including the cabinet finish and cloth colour of your choice from the featured options.

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